SierraPressRotator - Electric Press Box Rotator System

One of the biggest bottlenecks of any cotton gin is the press area. This is an area with lots of moving parts, and where gin owners and operators are always looking for ways to improve. Any reduction in bale pressing cycle time directly increases the gin bale rate, throughput, and ultimately shortens the ginning season.

SierraTek’s Electric Press Box Rotator is a direct replacement of the traditional hydraulic rotator and is an absolute game changer for the cotton industry. Our team of experts can help drastically reduce the press cycle time and through real world examples we have achieved our benchmark results of 4 seconds from unlatch-to-latch. This in some examples has reduced the cycle time by 8 seconds per bale, which, if you do the math, over the course of a 55,000-bale season could reduce ginning by 5 full days, improving gin efficiency, performance, and reliability.

The SierraTek Electric Box Rotator is designed to work in tandem with your existing press control system with minimal integration requirements, utilising a lot of the existing rotator control. The onboard controller handles the technical operation and is a ‘set-and-forget’ system. 

This is a massive improvement on the inconsistent traditional Hydraulic rotator that would change its characteristics in proportion to the oil temperature and pressure. 

Our Rotator Solution can be customised to suit the needs of the customer and their site requirements. Safety Systems can also be integrated to suit any existing or new site safety device or interlocking system.
Thes Rotator can be supplied with installation instructions and installed by your local contractor or SierraTek can install and commission with our experienced team.

Please contact us for a detailed quote to suit your specific site and significantly improve your press cycle time and reduce wear and tear on your press assembly.

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